Arkiv för 21 januari 2011

I will

Posted in Indiansk visdom on 21 januari 2011 by icole8

I will think about what kind of person I want to be when I am an Elder.
I will start developing myself now to be this person.
I will walk with the Great Spirit and the Grandfathers at my side.
I will develop myself to remain positive.
I will develop a good mind.
I will examine myself daily to see what I did good and what I need to improve.
I will examine my strengths and weaknesses; then I will ask the Creator to guide me.
I will develop a good mind.
Each day, I will listen for the Creator’s voice in the wind.
I will watch nature and ask to be shown a lesson which will occur on my path.
I will seek out the guiding principles which guided my ancestors.
I will walk in dignity, honor and humility, conducting myself as a warrior.
I will seek the guidance of the Elders so that I may maintain the knowledge of culture, ceremonies and songs, and so that I may pass these on to future generations.
I choose to do all these things myself, because no one else can do them for me.
I know I CANNOT GIVE AWAY WHAT I DON’T HAVE, so I will need to learn to walk the talk.

Native American note to self