Some times

Some times in life some thing will happen to us and we experience a loss of some sort, some people can let go easily maybe you have always been able to, but some thing changed and you were unable to let go as easily as you wished , what happens then is you become stuck, living in a sort of limbo, not being able to move forward and certainly not being able to go back, this can last for some time with some it can last months for others years, we do not in ourselves wish to move forward because we dearly wish for things to be the way there where before it happened, so it is us that keeps ourselves there.

But one day you realise that you are not helping yourself and that is when you know you have to let go so that you may move forwards and start to heal, the only way to do this is to realise that things will not be the same again and to realise that the future can be bright if only you give yourself the chance to receive it, it takes time because you have to heal first but it will come in the end.

Some times things don’t work out because they were never meant to, it is the universes way of saying there is some thing better for you out there, just trust in the Divine and he will guide you, keep the faith as better things are on their way to you…



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