Arkiv för 15 februari 2012


Posted in Änglar on 15 februari 2012 by icole8

Her wings spread wide and ready for flight,
is my Guardian Angel so full of light.
So radiant her face is to me,
such pure beauty for me to see.
Her hair like strands of liquid light falls to her waist,
a wonderful glimpse of heaven for me to taste.
Under the shelter of her wings,
all peace and beauty sings.
She is watching all the day and night
always keeping me in her sight.
She commutes with God above
showing to me his wondrous love.
She is there to guard, tend and care,
always for me I know she will be there.
I know when I see her all things will be alright,
to safely guard me through the darkest night.
He gave her to me at the moment of my birth,
it’s a wondrous thing she’s stood at his throne,
now here with me I am never alone.
Wings wide spread and ready for flight,
bathe me now in angelic light.

Charlotte Eiland