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To be brave or to be brave

Posted in Aldrig ge upp, Om mig on 03 januari 2013 by icole8

It´s not brave to move to another city … I call it development.

OK some people get sick and throw up if they even think about it … but when you do things that seems impossible … and you make it, it´s a development in your life.

One´s you done it you can do it again and again and again.

So mowing can open ones eyes to something better, and of course sometimes worse, but that´s also development. It´s the change itself that is important…

So now I´m starting to find a new place to live. It´s not important if all my things can go with me, I can give away and get new things

Less things is a good start. Not only for packing but for the energies they bring.

A new place to live and new things is a good start.

For a new life.

Not in New York but you never know …