Game over

Mother Earth is not a game. Just as the myth and misnomer there are “Indian princesses”, it derives from feudalism, long forgotten in “Indian” country – so we play the game of exclusivity to think it means inclusion. You hear it all the time, “My great-great grandmother was a Cherokee Indian princess” type of statement which dismisses, diminishes the genuineness of the struggles of the Natives who are de-colonizing and re-egalitarianizing (for what its worth a new word or lack of writing skills) themselves and their children. I think when there are “royalty” at pow wows; we lose out … again to hierarchical thinking and definitely succumb to defending the colonial thought of “exclusivity”. We rationalize “its for the kids so no harm done” without thinking what kind of non-egalitarian structure being imprinted into their accepted behavior of a foreign society. Isn’t that what “mascots” are for? Are we having “fun” yet?

I was content growing up without holidays but felt like I was being herded and ostracized when I did not participate in them and forced to be happy during them. I still do. I saw that other little Native kids who felt the same way. I also know now that holidays are exactly that – hollow days, so fill them in by being the great consumer of “happy bling”. These were to be our “happy” days or at least pretend to be happy because we certainly weren’t having fun or happy the other days of the Julian (Roman) calendar.

We all know the drill “if you’re depressed – then buy something new.” Are we “happy” yet? The consequence of it all is either being a humbug or being seen as a cynic. I would rather be a fierce cynic and act for honoring unselfish reasons as Mother Earth does. The selfish is all too familiar to me not of confessions but simply learning how to respect clarity.

My Mother explained there were no holidays when she was growing up, only a celebration as in ceremony, but that could be anytime, and holidays were simply generosity in good times and bad, if you will. Yes, we can say life was simpler back then and not so complex but then again, isn’t the point to “un-bling bling” ourselves materially as well as mentally?

Mother Earth is not the game of Risk. Lets stop treating her like one or referring her to as “game over”. The human species and perhaps all other life will lose, perhaps not; they are not playing the “game”. It depends on how we think, and yes, … she always wins.

It is the simpler, humbler who dances with life. It is the bling-bling dancer who frenzies in the game.

Another thought process evolving …..


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