Arkiv för 10 mars 2013

Rainbow way

Posted in Aldrig ge upp on 10 mars 2013 by icole8

The importance of the preservation of the integrity of values is clear in this beautiful portrait. ALL of us stem from a lineage worth preserving integrally, and as we merge into a droned melting pot society, we feel the tugs of our ancestors spirits. They are urging ALL nations, all people from every nationality of LIFE, to bring COLOR back to their own culture through sharing the beauty of it in ways like this.

Our great mother earth holds many different nationalities of people, and all have equally rich, interesting, and diversified cultures. Many nations are laced with similarities that are uncanny; No matter what color our skin is on the outside, the tones that make up our uniqueness need to be shared with our planetary brothers and sisters, for the sake of collective human soul expansion.

When LIFE is gray
To LOOK at a sister
Hear what she has to say…

Making new starts
With my brother
Seeing LOVE as it imparts….

We are ALL SO BEAUTIFUL all each in our own way
Sister Brother I offer you LOVE to help color your day
We can reflect out LIGHT with each other as we play
EnJOYing together we pay attention to each other convey

So we can LEARN and GROW at the same time preserving the structure and integrity of our world races and nations. ♥

Rainbow Lightning Woman