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A Message from Eagle

Know this truth. You are free to fly. You are free to soar.
You are free to open yourself to the love that lies within
and take it to the skies.

Your power is so much greater than you have realized.
You are surrounded by help and guidance.

All of Spirit stands ready to help you fly into the deep
oneness of creation and learn how to utilize your power.
The time for hesitation is over. You have stood long enough
on the branch wondering if you are capable of flight.

The time is now and the place is here. Let hesitation and
confusion go. Come into a deep clarity now, jump off that branch,
leave that nest, open up your wings and take off.

Spirit will send a breeze to lift you up until you get your bearings.
And then, and then, soar as high as you can, so high that the earth
looks like a little speck beneath you. Soar until you understand
the truth, that you have all the power, that you are everything.

You are one with all that is. When you soar, the entire universe is
lifted in power. When you heal, everything heals. When you recognize
and utilize your power, the power of oneness gains ascendancy.

It is all within you. The time is here now to leap into your life.
You are more ready than you realize.

Do it now.

Carrie Hart