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Game over

Posted in Moder Jord on 22 februari 2013 by icole8

Mother Earth is not a game. Just as the myth and misnomer there are “Indian princesses”, it derives from feudalism, long forgotten in “Indian” country – so we play the game of exclusivity to think it means inclusion. You hear it all the time, “My great-great grandmother was a Cherokee Indian princess” type of statement which dismisses, diminishes the genuineness of the struggles of the Natives who are de-colonizing and re-egalitarianizing (for what its worth a new word or lack of writing skills) themselves and their children. I think when there are “royalty” at pow wows; we lose out … again to hierarchical thinking and definitely succumb to defending the colonial thought of “exclusivity”. We rationalize “its for the kids so no harm done” without thinking what kind of non-egalitarian structure being imprinted into their accepted behavior of a foreign society. Isn’t that what “mascots” are for? Are we having “fun” yet?

I was content growing up without holidays but felt like I was being herded and ostracized when I did not participate in them and forced to be happy during them. I still do. I saw that other little Native kids who felt the same way. I also know now that holidays are exactly that – hollow days, so fill them in by being the great consumer of “happy bling”. These were to be our “happy” days or at least pretend to be happy because we certainly weren’t having fun or happy the other days of the Julian (Roman) calendar.

We all know the drill “if you’re depressed – then buy something new.” Are we “happy” yet? The consequence of it all is either being a humbug or being seen as a cynic. I would rather be a fierce cynic and act for honoring unselfish reasons as Mother Earth does. The selfish is all too familiar to me not of confessions but simply learning how to respect clarity.

My Mother explained there were no holidays when she was growing up, only a celebration as in ceremony, but that could be anytime, and holidays were simply generosity in good times and bad, if you will. Yes, we can say life was simpler back then and not so complex but then again, isn’t the point to “un-bling bling” ourselves materially as well as mentally?

Mother Earth is not the game of Risk. Lets stop treating her like one or referring her to as “game over”. The human species and perhaps all other life will lose, perhaps not; they are not playing the “game”. It depends on how we think, and yes, … she always wins.

It is the simpler, humbler who dances with life. It is the bling-bling dancer who frenzies in the game.

Another thought process evolving …..

Gudrun, Dagmar, Berit åsså jag

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Det är inte så konstigt att stormarna fått kvinnonamn. Det krävs kraft, mod och styrka för att göra det dom gör…inte för att jag försvarar
det på något sätt med tanke på alla strömlösa i juletid och annat

Nej jag syftar nog mer på denna obändliga urkraft som ”kvinnorna” visar. Den som finns i det sk täcka könet, skulle kalla det det starka könet jag.

Urkvinnan, urmodern, Moder Jord.

Den feminina kraften som också är den kärleksfulla, omhändertagande och livgivande.

Men vad gör då stormarna som ska motsvara det ovanstående?

Jag vill påstå att det är Moder Jord som försöker uppfostra sin barn och tar dom nu ordentligt i örat…”nu får ni sluta misshandla jorden och visa mer respekt och kärlek” vill hon säga.

Precis som andra mödrar gjort med sina barn, strängt men med en kärleksfull tanke bakom.

Och lyssnar man inte så kommer det en omgång till…

Men Emil, vad har du för ärende då egentligen? Starkars lilla stormen
Emil, kvinna blir du nog aldrig. Och inte stormen Per heller.

Men vi lever ju i ett jämlikt samhälle så.

Nu stormar jag iväg ut i vinterlandskapet i alla fall.

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Chief Golden Eagle about 2012

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Posted in Moder Jord, Pengar on 30 september 2010 by icole8

Visst finns dom, vi ser dom om vi verkligen vill…

Älvor tycker om när vi städar i naturen, plockar upp skräp och håller snyggt.

Och det bästa av allt, de belönar oss ekonomiskt! Vinster eller annat som klirrar i börsen är deras tack till de som bryr sig om naturen som älvorna har som sitt hem.

Tja, tro vad man vill, men prova kostar ju inget eller hur?

Det kan ju faktiskt löna sig istället, på fler än ett sätt…


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“We still do not know one thousandth of one percent of what nature has revealed to us.”

Albert Einstein


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Nu går solen knappast ner,
bländar bara av sitt sken.
Skymningsbård blir gryningstimme
varken tidig eller sen.

Insjön håller kvällens ljus
glidande på vattenspegeln
eller vacklande på vågor
som långt innan de ha mörknat
spegla morgonsolens lågor.

Juni natt blir aldrig av,
liknar mest en daggig dag.
Slöjlikt lyfter sig dess skymning
och bärs bort på ljusa hav.

Harry Martinsson

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World Peace and Prayer Day June 21

Posted in Indiansk visdom, Moder Jord on 20 juni 2010 by icole8

Chief Arvol Looking Horse / World Peace and Prayer Day June 21, around the world.
The Great Spirit
Sioux Indian chief calls all nations to action on June 21 By Juliane Poirier
The leader of the Lakota Dakota Nakota Oyate, the great Sioux nation, is a man with a vision. Chief Arvol Looking Horse sees a great danger threatening “Grandmother Earth” and a great hope for restoring her wholeness. So he is calling all nations to prayer of any kind on June 21 in an effort to return the planet to balance, the people to spirit. I asked him why this path is the right path to take.
“A man or a woman without spirit is very dangerous,” Looking Horse explained in a recent phone interview. According to this Sioux chief, the absence of spirit is causing suffering everywhere. “We are in a time of survival,” he said. “But we don’t want to believe it because we have forgotten our spirits. We have forgotten that Grandmother Earth has a spirit.”
Disconnected souls, according to Looking Horse, are “hurting others without even knowing they are hurting others.” Those being hurt include animals, trees and waterways.
The Sioux have an inclusive worldview, but it was not shared by the transplanted Europeans who undertook genocide on Indian land, culminating in the Wounded Knee massacre of 1890. That final brutality broke the “hoop”
binding Indians together; however, Sioux prophecy foretold that in a hundred years the people would be reunited.
Although surviving tribe members and their descendants were stripped of religious freedoms (returned to them only 32 year ago by the U.S.
government), the rituals were kept and the prophecy not forgotten. So the Sioux nations set out on horseback to “mend the broken hoop” of their nation in 1986 at a sacred site known to non-Indians (and Close Encounters of the Third Kind fans) as Devils Tower or the Great Horn Butte; their ritual went on for four years and concluded in 1990, 100 years after Wounded Knee.
During the course of that long ritual, Looking Horse was surprised by a vision that came to him of peace and unity that included not only the Indian nations but all the nations of the world, each gathering with ritual plants around sacred fires on every continent. The Sioux chief felt called to oversee a much broader mending. But who was going to listen even to the chief of a people largely ignored in the country where they lived?
“We had to leave our homeland to be a voice in the world,” said Looking Horse. “We are up against a lot of violence and anger and hatred. We need to go back to our sacred places and pray about this. In every generation, there are changes. But our way of life, our ceremonies, our prayers don’t change.
Our sacred sites don’t change.
“When the first non-Indian came to this land, our people said, ‘What shall we call this man?’ and they called him Wasicu,” he continued. “It means ‘takes fat,’ which we know today means the white brothers are taking fat off Mother Earth. Long ago, when the first nations lived on Turtle Island, through our prayers and ceremonies, we maintained harmony and peace, a way of life where there’s no ending, no beginning.
“It’s everyday life for us that we hold Grandmother Earth sacred, we hold the trees and the plants, everything has a spirit. We need people to be really respectful for each other. The Great Spirit put us here all together.
If we’re going to survive, we need to have spirit and compassion. On June 21 we’re asking people to go to their sacred places or sacred spaces to pray.”
Looking Horse seems surprised to be a global spokesperson for the environment. “It seems like it was just yesterday when a woman had no voice in this country, when our people were fighting for their rights,” he said.
“Just a hundred years ago, our people were in concentration camps called reservations. Our ceremonies were outlawed, and we were put in boarding schools. I never thought I would have the opportunity to go to the White House. Now today, people all over the world are listening to us.”
And here’s the message. “On June 21,” said Looking Horse, “shut off the electricity and let’s pray.”
To learn more about Chief Arvol Looking Horse, go to

Så klart är det så!

Posted in Må mycket bättre, Moder Jord, Musik on 13 juni 2010 by icole8

Insikten om det är så solklar…att rädslan är den största fienden…motsatsen till lyckan och kärleken, hälsan och välmåendet.

Rädslan är med sina kusiner Ilskan, Hatet, Depressionen och Egoismen
den slempropp som täpper till kanalerna så att sjukdomar utvecklas och livet på Moder Jord går mot en katastof…